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About Us

Our Mission

Since the ScriptSave® program began, ScriptSave cardholders have saved over $1 billion on their prescription drug purchases!

ScriptSave is a prescription drug savings program designed to help consumers receive substantial savings on brand name and generic prescription drugs.

With prescription drug costs on the rise, it can be difficult to fit those expenses into the family budget. Even people who have health insurance find that some prescriptions may not be covered. That's where a ScriptSave card can help.

ScriptSave has partnered with thousands of pharmacies all over the country to offer a savings program that provides true value and discounts on every prescription for every cardholder and their entire household.

Award Winning Customer Service

Positively Outstanding Service is our commitment and our goal. Our Savings Specialists are trained to understand the needs and concerns of our cardholders and offer solutions that are on target to help. Questions? We are ready and eager to listen and provide answers.


Founded as Medical Security Card Company (MSC) in 1994, the company is known by its line of prescription savings programs, ScriptSave. To learn more about the company and its products and services click here.

Savings Program

ScriptSave is not an insurance policy and does not provide insurance coverage.

For consumers who HAVE prescription benefits, the ScriptSave card can help anytime coverage isn't complete. For example, some plans have a deductible, a maximum limit, or do not cover certain medications - the ScriptSave card can still provide savings. Think of the ScriptSave card as a valuable savings option to use along with insurance coverage.

For the millions of Americans who have limited or no prescription coverage at all, ScriptSave is a lifesaver. Health coverage is not a requirement to use the ScriptSave card. ScriptSave cardholders can receive valuable savings on prescriptions even without current health coverage.

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