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Prescription Savings for Groups & Plan Sponsors

America's Premier Prescription Savings Program

Bringing Consumers and Pharmacies Together

ScriptSave® has a 17-year tradition of bringing pharmacies and consumers together, but ScriptSave's capabilities and approach are anything but traditional.

ScriptSave specializes in designing prescription drug benefits, which provide the most value to customers with no drug benefits, limited drug benefits, or prohibitively costly drug benefits. ScriptSave has provided unique prescription savings programs to millions of consumers and hundreds of plan sponsors since 1994. We offer an exceptional level of industry knowledge and expertise, and we understand how the retail pharmacists' throughout the country play a key role in helping patients make good decisions about their pharmacy benefits. ScriptSave has solutions for groups, plan sponsors, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and individual consumers. Let us customize a solution for you.

Prescription Savings for Groups & Plan Sponsors

America's Premier Prescription Savings Program

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Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Centric Solutions

Your Success is Our Business

In recent years, ScriptSave has become the leading third party administrator of single network pharmacy cash card programs, with a focus on helping pharmacies attract and retain loyal pharmacy customers.

WellRx Program for Individuals

One Stop for Health and Wellness Savings

Building on existing relationships and a proven reputation for high quality service, the new ScriptSave WellRx program is for uninsured and under-insured individuals looking to save money on the cost of their prescriptions and other healthcare services.

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For Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Companies
For Individuals Looking to Save on Prescriptions
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